About Clear (クリア)

Serial name: R-2E-054
Age: Unknow
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm

"Red is the color of a Hero”

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It was exactly what you imagined. I was studying abroad, hit a wall, then stumbled and couldn’t get back up. That was all. I even thought about quitting. But I was saved.

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Ore to omae     

A O   H A R U   H I D E   

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Ao Haru Ride     

"No..I don’t want Hide to die…I won’t let that happen.”

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Tokyo Ghoul     
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Ore to omae     
Shouyou Hinata - Haikyuu!! Episode 16
"The more Hinata shines, the more he blinds the defence."
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LOVE STAGE!! Izumi Sena
crossdressing pervert
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Love Stage     
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Promised summers.

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Little Sousuke

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Ore to omae     
Why can’t I be free?
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Ore to omae     

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

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Zankyo no Terror     

i will wait for you.

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