About Clear (クリア)

Serial name: R-2E-054
Age: Unknow
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
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Gekkan     cutie Mikorin     

"And we fall to hell. At the close, I’ll pull the trigger.
And so we will turn to dust.”

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That’s probably what Rin would say.”

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tettsurou said: Hi! Thank you for following me back! Your blog is so niceee! (´∀`)♡ Let's be friends! (。・//ε//・。)

Woahh you welcome bby >< And thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy it <3 dftyghjk yeh, I hope you like me too hahah

Otoya Ittoki || Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000% Episode 4
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Uta Pri     
Free! Eternal Summer Poster
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Ore to omae     

Tokyo Ghoul || Episode 09: Kirishima Ayato

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Shizume Week Day 4: Distance.

If you’re going to stop me on a whim, you should go back to her right now.. If you.. don’t feel anything for me at all, then just leave me alone; I don’t want your tepid kindness. That’s what hurts me the most right now.

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Yuri Dreyar - Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 2

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uta for ami~ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ*:・゚✧
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Tokyo Ghoul     husbandoo     
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I would like to make a film to tell children ‘it’s good to be alive’.” — Hayao Miyazaki

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on a scale from 1 to ereri hate group how pathetic are you

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shitty haters     

It went by so fast.

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